Taxi Livery

Fully-wrapped London taxis offer maximum advertising impact – 77% of people agree that advertising on black taxis is an eye catching place for brands to be.

Advertising on taxi liveries offers you the ability to fully brand a cab with your campaign and leaves confident feelings with your audience – 92% of all passengers are pleased with their taxi experience and left with a positive feeling. A full taxi livery allows you, as an advertiser, to deliver your message across the whole exterior of the taxi offering the most creative of taxi advertising space. Sides, roof, bonnet, rear window and also the rear and back passenger windows will be covered in your branding.

A taxi livery campaign offers a long term brand building campaign, with high impact. We can enhance your campaign with your very own elite fleet of full livery taxis and brand ambassadors – drivers educated on your business and products, offering a one-to-one marketing experience to passengers.

You couldn’t choose a more premium taxi advertising format. Taxi liveries enables advertisers to have anywhere from one, to a fleet of ultra-high-impact cabs. Our liveries are fantastic for PR purposes or trade fairs.

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