Taxi Advertising Media & Formats

Utilising the iconic Hackney cab, this form of outdoor advertising has great impact and provides the opportunity to use a vibrant, eye-catching design. It can really make a brand stand out from the crowd.

Taxi advertising is also far more than just another form of Out of Home – branded taxis can be used as part of a PR tool and they can be booked exclusively for corporate events and VIP pick-ups.

Another interesting facility available with branded cabs is the drivers themselves. They can become brand ambassadors and are trained to discuss the product or service with their passengers, or distribute marketing and promotional material.



super sdie taxi advertisising iceland air in london

Super-sides are ideal for shorter term launch or saturation campaigns, extremely cost effective.



mega side taxi advertisement in the uk

Megaside taxi advertising gives brands the opportunity to find a fantastic middle ground for their advertising needs.


Full Liveries & Full Wraps

Fully-wrapped London taxis offer maximum advertising impact – 77% of people agree that advertising on black taxis is an eye catching place for brands to be.

A full taxi livery allows you, as an advertiser, to deliver your message across the whole exterior of the taxi offering the most creative of taxi advertising space.


Tip Seats

Tip seats communicate directly with passengers in the taxi & sell your brand to a captive audience.

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