Mid Sussex Council Use Transport Media To Encourage Recycling

Transport Media are leading an environmentally friendly marketing campaign for Mid Sussex Council which encourages households to recycle their bathroom rubbish. Adverts will be placed across bus rears for a total of four weeks, using vehicles based at Bexhill Depot in order to target the surrounding region covered by Mid Sussex Council.   The advert […]

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Microsoft and The Cloud Give Rail Users a Treat

The vast majority of us have experienced some form of transport delay – from cancelled trains to the overcrowded rush hour tube which can’t possibly fit another passenger inside. The automatic distraction is often to turn to our smart devices, checking e-mails and tweeting angrily about our travel misfortune. BSkyB-owned public WiFi service The Cloud currently offers 15 […]

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Blue Insurances Send Their Brand Through The London Underground With Transport Media

Blue Insurances are ensuring that our risk management is catered for, promoting their award-winning services through a dual format campaign organised by Transport Media which uses London Underground and bus advertising to publicise their Multitrip.com direct brand. Adopting the marketing devices of tube car panels and bus supersides, Multitrip.com will have its brand posted through […]

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Transport Media Raises Awareness For Domestic Violence Charity Nour

London-based Islamic charity Nour have selected the services of Transport Media in order to publicise their UK support network for the muslim community. Campaigning against domestic violence, Nour are launching adverts across bus headliners in London’s West Ham to raise awareness for the clandestine social issue of household abuse. Running for four weeks, the campaign […]

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‘He who does not pray to the Lord prays to the devil’

Up until 1978, the Pope would have made public appearances on a gestatorial chair – the posh version of a sedan chair – carried by his pontifical crew. Reigning between 1963 and 1978, Pope Paul VI experienced the taste of a new trend by riding the papal Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman-Landaulet vehicle, while his successor John […]

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